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FORUM RULES WarningBar-Gloss1
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PostSubject: FORUM RULES   FORUM RULES EmptyWed Oct 05, 2011 5:38 am


Most of these rules and guidelines are basically common sense and general good behavior on internet. They serve as guidelines for this forum. The ultimate call will still be made by a staff member.

Before posting any topic on forum, ensure that it is:
- sensible
- appropriate
- has a purpose and
- meet below rules/guidelines

Also, please realize that these rules are not made to be broken or to annoy anyone. They are made simply to make this forum a nice place for everyone.


1) No flaming other members. Everyone deserves to have the same respect Note that responding to a flame with a flame is as bad as starting a flame. So even if other people flame you, please do not "pay them back" by flaming. We take flaming very seriously.

2) No spamming. It is annoying.

- What is Spam?

- Unwanted Advertisement. No posting of link to another site or any topic containing a link and nothing else.

- Meaningless post which said nothing or add nothing of value to a discussion.

- Trivial post such posting in a topic just to say "I agree" unless, your opinion is asked for.

- No bumping of topics just for the purpose of raising it back to top.

3) No swearing, offensive or abusive language. Even if it is not in English, please do not use such language.

Note: Remember that while we respect your freedom of speech and will only on rare occasions censor what people have said, you are still responsible for the things you say.

4) Respect Tycoon Ran rules. Anything that would get you banned from Tycoon Ran will, most likely get you banned here as well.

5) No pornography. racism, Nazism's or unnecessary gore. This forum is meant for people of all ages. Even though some might not have anything against these, others may not agree.

6) No illegal materials that violates copyrights or/and especially links to sites that distribute illegal materials.

7) No offensive or misleading nicknames. These will get you banned quickly here.

8.) No impersonating others especially Admin/GM or moderator staff.

9) Avoid double posting (2 replies in row). Edit the original post instead. However, you can post another reply to a topic, if you have something relevant to add and after a certain time.

10) No begging of items from Tycoon Ran staff. It is highly unlikely that we will give out anything for free. It is very difficult for us to establish the truth of any claim of loss of items due to account being hacked etc.

11) No posting of other members' personal information (eg. real name, address, contact number etc). Please respect others' privacy. However, as long as it does not break any rules, you can post information about yourself in the relevant section.

12) No posting on a closed topic. It may result in disciplinary action. As long as the topic is not similar to the closed one, you can make another topic. Pls ensure that the subject matter is clear. The new topic will be deleted if it is found to be similar to the closed one.

13) Do not abuse our bandwidth. We would not like to be kicked by our hosts. Please refrain from hitting the refresh button constantly and it should be fine.

14) Creating of personal banner/avatar in your signature is allowed. The criterias to follow are:
* Signature Maximum size is up to two 700x250 or smaller banners .
* Banners and avatars must be in good taste. They cannot impersonate Tycoon Ran admin or mods or another member.
* Your avatar must be no bigger than 200pixels by 200 pixels in size

15) Post in the appropriate section. Always read the 'sticky' or 'announcement' in respective section for more details.

16) All Game Accounts and all game characters must be in one forum account only.

17) Acquiring other character which not belong to your forum account is not allowed. Especially other characters which are not belong to your forum account records.

We appreciate your full cooperation and adherence to above. Failure to comply with above may result in below disciplinary action:

- 1st time : warning
- 2nd time : 24 to 48 hours ban
- 3rd time : 1 week ban from forum and game
- 4th time : Permanent ban from both forum and game.



- Check the news & update section regularly for latest information. We reserve the right to amend the rules from time to time as necessary.

- English - try to write good and clear English. Avoid shortening your words such as yw instead of you are welcome.

- Take your time to compose your post. There is no need to rush. Do check your spellings and grammars (including proper use of punctuation etc).

Note: Please remember that we are not the only people who visit this forum site. There are other foreign readers who visit too. They may visit here to get more information about server, its rules and us(the community).

- Be informative and clear in the subject and description of your topic. This will allow people to know what you are posting about.

- Do not accuse others of rule breaking. You can report the post to the moderator staff or relevant Admin/GM. They will handle the matter if deemed appropriate.

- Rules are created by people and not automated bots. Trying to go around the rules simply by playing with different interpretations and being really precise with meanings will most likely make your situation much worse than it originally was.

- Constructive criticisms and different opinions are welcome to help improve the server. As far as possible, we will listen and consider the different views but the final decision will still be made by us.

- In the event that you believe that a member of staff was abusive to you, you are free to contact other members of the staff for a second opinion. Also, if you believe that the staff had completely misunderstood you, please feel free to try to explain your actions.

Do read the above rules prior to posting!!

Let's make this forum a pleasant and interesting place to visit to know the latest updates and to post where necessary. It is ours Smile)


FORUM RULES Anim_f643f96f-32ee-6174-ed7d-963f8323e4ef


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